Luka Zoric (Croatia)

Luka Zoric

Nationality: CRO
Born : 05.11.1984
Place of birth: Zadar (CRO)
Height: 2.11m
Position: C

7.8Points per game
4.0Rebounds per game
1.0Assists per game




  • » Ranks #17 in Blocked Shots (1.0)
Luka Zoric - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB)
Career: Borik Puntamika (Croatia-B1, 1999-00); Cibona Zagreb (Croatia-A1, 2001-02); Karlovac (Croatia-A1, 2002-03); Dubrava Zagreb (Croatia-A1, 2003-04); Braunschweig (Germany-BBL, 2004); Dubrovnik (Croatia-A1, 2005); Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia-1A, 2005); Postojna (Slovenia-1A, 2005); Dubrovnik (Croatia-A1, 2006); Sibenik (Croatia-A1, 2006-07), Cibona Zagreb (Croatia-A1, 2007-08); Zabok (Croatia-A1, 2008); KK Zagreb (Croatia-A1, 2008-11); Unicaja Malaga (Spain-ACB, 2011-13)

After a breakout season in 2009-10, Zoric was called up to the national team, making his debut at the 2010 FIBA World Championship. His career skyrocketed since then, as big the man continued putting up numbers to match his size in the Adriatic League, and later Euroleague and Spanish ACB after his move to Unicaja in 2011. However, Zoric still needs to match those double-digit figures from club level in the national team jersey. Last year in the Qualification Round he averaged a mere 7.8 points and four rebounds. With athleticism around the rim, and the ability to regularly sink mid-range jumpers, this is a chance for Zoric to let his abilities shine as he has all the tools to be an integral part of Croatia's team.


vs Cyprus (W 93-38)173/475.03/475.00/00.03/3100.00112121419
vs Ukraine (W 79-80)223/742.93/742.90/00.03/3100.03471201549
vs Hungary (W 89-65)165/5100.05/5100.00/00.00/20.003321003310
vs Austria (W 75-82)274/666.74/666.70/00.02/450.013414134210
vs Cyprus (W 49-98)141/425.01/425.00/00.04/4100.01121101226
vs Ukraine (W 84-80)102/366.72/366.70/00.00/00.01010000104
vs Hungary (W 79-81)182/540.02/540.00/00.01/333.32351110245
vs Austria (W 78-74)193/933.33/933.30/00.03/475.02790202329
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points103 times29 - EuroChallenge 2011
16.11.2010 vs Telekom Baskets
Total Rebounds911.09.2012 vs. Austria16 - EuroChallenge 2011
01.12.2010 vs BK Prostejov
Assists23 times3 - EuroChallenge 2010
12.01.2010 vs Roanne Basket
Steals218.08.2012 vs. Cyprus2 - EuroBasket 2013
18.08.2012 vs Cyprus
Blocked Shots327.08.2012 vs. Austria4 - EuroChallenge 2010
09.02.2010 vs Artland Dragons
Minutes2727.08.2012 vs. Austria40 - 2 times
Field Goals Made52 times12 - EuroChallenge 2011
16.11.2010 vs Telekom Baskets
Field Goals Attempted1016.09.2013 vs. Greece18 - EuroChallenge 2011
16.11.2010 vs Telekom Baskets
2 Pts Field Goals Made52 times12 - EuroChallenge 2011
16.11.2010 vs Telekom Baskets
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1016.09.2013 vs. Greece18 - EuroChallenge 2011
16.11.2010 vs Telekom Baskets
3 Pts Field Goals Made  
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted 1 - EuroChallenge 2010
09.03.2010 vs Artland Dragons
Free Throws Made402.09.2012 vs. Cyprus8 - EuroChallenge 2011
29.09.2010 vs Gran Canaria
Free Throws Attempted62 times11 - EuroChallenge 2010
23.02.2010 vs Belgacom Liege
Offensive Rebounds514.09.2013 vs. Italy5 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds711.09.2012 vs. Austria12 - EuroChallenge 2011
01.12.2010 vs BK Prostejov
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 (Croatia)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2013 (Croatia)
EuroBasket - Qualification Round 2013 (Croatia)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2011 (Croatia)
London Invitational Tournament 2011 (Croatia)
EuroChallenge 2011 (KK Zagreb)
FIBA World Championship for Men 2010 (Croatia)
EuroChallenge 2010 (KK Zagreb)
EuroChallenge 2009 (KK Zagreb)



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