Quotes Serbia vs. Iceland


Serbia head coach Dusan Ivkovic
"We absolutly deserved victory. Our performance was quiet pretty and the crowd in Nis recognized that. We had a serious aproach and as a result of that we got the victory with a very big margin."

Serbia player Nemanja Nedovic
"I want to give credits to rest of the team and the crowd in Nis for the great support. This victory is a big stimulance for our next game in Podgorica against Montenegro, probably the most important in the qualifying group."

Iceland head coach Peter Oqvist
"Serbia is certanly a much better team than we are, but I expected bigger resistance. They were better in rebounding and 3 point shooting, and made a big margain in the early phase."

Iceland player Hlynur Baeringson
We feel dissapointed. Serbia is a great team but we expected more of this game. Our team must stay positive 'till the end of the qualification round."



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