Quotes Luxembourg vs. Sweden


Sweden head coach Brad Dean
"I'm very happy that we have qualified. It was not an easy game because Luxembourg showed a great potential and an immense character. I'm very proud and happy because it was a very hard group with very though games. I want to congratulate my players, now we have to prepare for EuroBasket 2013."

Luxembourg head coach Frank Baum
"I'm a very proud coach. We have realized a very huge campaign and without being arrogant, we have done very well during our away games. I think everybody can be proud of us. I have to congratulate all my players."

Sweden player Joakim Kjellbom
"We knew that the Luxembourgian team was getting and better and that our last game was not going to be easy. The most important is that we have qualified."

Luxembourg player Jairo Delgado
"It was difficult for us to enter this game. It was a beautiful campaign and we progressed a lot as a team. We wanted to win a game but the games were too tough, but in the end we can be proud of what we achieved."



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