Quotes Georgia vs. Latvia


Latvia head coach Ainars Bagatskis
"In my entire career it has never happened that we missed 75 percent of our free throws. We needed just a few more balls to not miss the basket. The crowd was very active, so some players couldn't handle it. The Georgian fans helped them, as well as a bit of luck."

Georgia assistant coach Kote Tugushi
"The Latvians played a beautiful game. We want to thank our fans, they helped us so much. We made mistakes but we will try to fix them for the next game. Our goal is to win and today we've managed to do it."

Latvia player Dairis Bertans
"We started the game playing really poorly that's why they took an advantage. It's our fault that we lost it. You have all seen what happened."

Georgia player Manuchar Markoishvili
"It was a very tough game from beginning to end. The Latvian players are very energetic. We have to admit that luck was on our side, but we must also say that it was a deserved victory."



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