Hanno Möttölä (Finland)

Hanno Möttölä

Nationality: FIN
Born : 09.09.1976
Place of birth: Helsinki (FIN)
Height: 2.09m
Position: PF

8.6Points per game
3.0Rebounds per game
0.7Assists per game



Hanno Mottola - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: ToPo Helsinki (Finland-Divari A)
Career: Helsingin NMKY (Finland-Korisliiga, 1994-96); Utah (USA-NCAA, 1996-2000); Atlanta Hawks (USA-NBA, 2000-02); Tau Vitoria (Spain-ACB, 2002-03); Skipper Bologna (Italy-Lega, 2003-04); Scavolini Pesaro (Italy-Lega, 2004-05); Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Superleague 2005-06); Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania-LKL 2006-07); Aris Thessaloniki (Greece-ESAKE, 2007-08); ToPo Helsinki (Finland-Korisliiga, 2009-12); ToPo Helsinki (Finland-Divari A, 2013)

The Notorious B.I.G. of Finnish basketball, Hanno Möttölä's curriculum vitae is by far the most impressive of all Finnish professional basketball players in the history of the sport. At EuroBasket 1995 in Athens, Greece, Möttölä was the sensational 18-year old junior still learning the ropes and 16 years later, he was a vital role player for Finland's surprising run to 9th place in Lithuania. At the age of 38, while Möttölä is no longer required to be the brutal offensive force he had to previously be with the national team, he's an essential father figure to this hard-working, no-nonsense team and every once in a while, he'll gather "ohh's" and "ahh's" from the crowd with his pump fakes, long threes and throwback passes that made him a household name in the NCAA and in Europe.


vs Albania (W 112-77)162/540.01/333.31/250.04/4100.02350010339
vs Poland (W 79-81)184/944.43/742.91/250.02/2100.013410102211
vs Belgium (W 97-60)121/1100.00/00.01/1100.00/00.00000000313
vs Switzerland (W 60-89)165/1145.52/540.03/650.04/4100.012320110317
vs Poland (L 91-96)162/540.02/2100.00/30.04/4100.00552000028
vs Belgium (L 71-68)100/40.00/20.00/20.00/00.00110300300
vs Switzerland (W 84-77)175/955.64/757.11/250.01/1100.003301002112
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1727.08.2012 vs. Switzerland43 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
15.07.1997 vs Belgium
Total Rebounds52 times16 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
17.07.1997 vs Latvia
Assists22 times6 - EuroBasket 2005
11.09.2004 vs Georgia
Steals14 times5 - European Championship for Men 2001
22.05.1998 vs Switzerland
Blocked Shots12 times3 - European Championship for Men 2003
29.08.2001 vs Ireland
Minutes182 times44 - European Championship for Men 1997
11.10.1995 vs F.Y.R. of Macedonia
Field Goals Made52 times16 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
15.07.1997 vs Belgium
Field Goals Attempted1127.08.2012 vs. Switzerland21 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made411.09.2012 vs. Switzerland16 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
15.07.1997 vs Belgium
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted72 times21 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
15.07.1997 vs Belgium
3 Pts Field Goals Made327.08.2012 vs. Switzerland4 - EuroBasket 2005
11.09.2004 vs Georgia
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted627.08.2012 vs. Switzerland7 - EuroBasket 2009
30.08.2008 vs Serbia
Free Throws Made708.09.2013 vs. Russia11 - 3 times
Free Throws Attempted808.09.2013 vs. Russia13 - European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1998
18.07.1997 vs Ukraine
Offensive Rebounds217.08.2012 vs. Albania5 - EuroBasket 2005
15.09.2004 vs Luxembourg
Defensive Rebounds505.09.2012 vs. Poland13 - 2 times



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