Aleksey Shved (Russia)

Aleksey Shved

Nationality: RUS
Born : 16.12.1988
Place of birth: Belgorod (RUS)
Height: 1.98m
Position: G

16.4Points per game
2.6Rebounds per game
4.8Assists per game

Current club:



Alexey Shved - EuroBasket 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Minnesota Timberwolves (USA-NBA)
Career: CSKA Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2005-06); CSK Samara (Russia-Superleague, 2006); CSKA-Trinta Moscow (Russia-Higher League, 2006); CSKA Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2006); Khimki Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2006-07); CSKA Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2007-08); CSKA-Trinta Moscow (Russia-U23 Youth League, 2008); CSKA Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2008-09); Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2009-10); CSKA Moscow (Russia-PBL, 2010-12); Minnesota Timberwolves (USA-NBA, 2012-13)

Having debuted with the national team back in 2011 at EuroBasket, Aleksey Shved has been a key figure on this team since. He averaged 8.5 points in Lithuania evolving into first point guard option in the process. Shved then was one of the team's stars alongside Andrei Kirilenko and Viktor Khryapa at the 2012 Olympic Games. He averaged more than 11 points and scored 25 in the bronze medal game against Argentina to help Russia reach perhaps its biggest success to date. The Timberwolves guard is an amazing ball handler who changes direction and speed of his dribbling with ease. With excellent size for the backcourt, he is a playmaker who can create for himself and also for others, especially utilising the pick and roll. Shved worked a lot on his body during the past season which allowed him to become a better finisher and defender, he can now guard both guard positions. Aleksey has never had any problems concerning his self-confidence but the very impressive rookie season with the Minnesota Timberwolves will obviously help him even more. He averaged 8.6 points and made it to the Rookie Challenge game. The 24-year-old will be playing his first tournament in a star status, when a big part of the team's result depends on him. It will be interesting to see how he deals with the pressure.



vs Italy (L 69-76)277/1741.24/1040.03/742.90/00.012351202617
vs Greece (L 80-71)307/1353.86/1060.01/333.32/2100.003345012517
vs Sweden (L 62-81)316/1442.95/1145.51/333.32/366.701105011715
vs Finland (L 86-83)4010/1952.610/1758.80/20.05/862.505563002525
vs Turkey (W 77-89)223/837.53/742.90/10.02/366.71019312038
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2508.09.2013 vs. Finland39 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
01.08.2008 vs Serbia
Total Rebounds508.09.2013 vs. Finland7 - 2 times
Assists909.09.2013 vs. Turkey9 - EuroBasket 2013
09.09.2013 vs Turkey
Steals204.09.2013 vs. Italy3 - 3 times
Blocked Shots209.09.2013 vs. Turkey2 - 2 times
Minutes4008.09.2013 vs. Finland40 - EuroBasket 2013
08.09.2013 vs Finland
Field Goals Made1008.09.2013 vs. Finland12 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
01.08.2008 vs Serbia
Field Goals Attempted1908.09.2013 vs. Finland26 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
01.08.2008 vs Serbia
2 Pts Field Goals Made1008.09.2013 vs. Finland10 - EuroBasket 2013
08.09.2013 vs Finland
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1708.09.2013 vs. Finland17 - EuroBasket 2013
08.09.2013 vs Finland
3 Pts Field Goals Made304.09.2013 vs. Italy8 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
01.08.2008 vs Serbia
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted704.09.2013 vs. Italy14 - U20 European Championship Men 2008
01.08.2008 vs Serbia
Free Throws Made508.09.2013 vs. Finland11 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
06.07.2007 vs Greece
Free Throws Attempted808.09.2013 vs. Finland11 - 2 times
Offensive Rebounds12 times2 - 4 times
Defensive Rebounds508.09.2013 vs. Finland6 - U20 European Championship Men 2007
07.07.2007 vs Lithuania
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroBasket - Final Round 2013 (Russia)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2012 (Russia)
FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men 2012 (Russia)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2011 (Russia)
U20 European Championship Men - DIVISION A 2008 (Russia)
U20 European Championship Men - DIVISION A 2007 (Russia)
U18 European Championship Men - DIVISION A 2006 (Russia)



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